A False Start


I’m going to be completely honest here when I say I never quite started and got off to this blog quite the way I wished. In the beginning I had these plans to be a typical female lifestyle blogger – discussing day to day activities, very fashion and makeup oriented posts really, you know all that jazz I’m talking about. But when it came down to ideas for writing about these kind of things I found myself at somewhat of a loss and lack of ideas, inspiration and interest in writing about these topics despite enjoying them so much.

Last week I began writing this very post, about my false start. After getting baked with my good friend I got home and was watching endlessly random YouTube videos about this thing and the next. We’ve all been there. You watch a couple of videos which lead to another and another and another and before you know it that’s you lost in the abyss.
I was watching a lot of Joe Rogan and Gary Vee videos, two very inspirational and opinionated individuals. I began thinking about the advice and topics which they discussed and looked into and thought “hey, this is what I love talking about too”. It dawned on me in that moment that this is what my blog should inevitably be about – a discussion of matters.
I love sharing a view/opinion on topics and would be very interesting to see what others were thinking. Not only does it open up a discussion but it shall open up my mind (and hopefully yours too) to many new things. It’s also reminded me of a video I watched a while back about this thing called “Big Talk”. It basically is an idea of skipping small talk and jumping into controversial or personal topics. This was something that really sparked my interest at the time and is again sparking my interest as I guess this is basically my idea behind this blog – Big Talk.

Already I’ve had quite a few ideas of topics to talk about and it’s gonna be range of things. I enjoy discussing serious matters, so there’s definitely gonna be motivational posts in there, a discussion of mindset and work ethic, as well as probably very personal experiences such as with relationships, etc. Not only do I hope that I can inspire people but help others as well, and try to create somewhat of a community. As I haven’t really been involved in the blogosphere at all I have no clue if there are blogs which follow this similar idea and if they are all that successful or not, if there are then please feel free to link them as I’d love to check them out!

Don’t worry though, it’s not all just gonna be one serious post after another. Probably will share my thoughts and views on the trades currently going on in NBA as well as discussions through the season if y’all dig it cause I most certainly do. Probably an occasional fashion/makeup piece here and there too. It’s just gonna be a whole hotchpotch of things to come and I hope you all stick around. Hopefully be an interesting read for everyone of all ages.

Also the image at the start of this post is not mine. I found it online here which had some cool pics of New York street art. Since biggie is one of my all time favourite rappers and I love street art to no end I thought I’d pop it in here to brighten up the post!

If you got this far actually reading this somewhat rambley post then kudos to you! I have absolutely no clue who’s gonna read this whole thing if anyone. If you have please like and leave a comment below, I’d love to see some support for this idea and hopefully build up a wee community! For now peace out.



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